Deep sea, blue handwoven Scarf

Lately I've been trying to make myself create with the materials that are already in my studio, instead of always running out and buying more colors of yarn. As I've been journaling about my creative process, I've become aware that I am much more productive and creative when held under some restraints and some pressure. The trick is finding the right balance. So far I've found it challenging and fun to only create with the yarn that I already have, instead of going out and buying more.

I have a lot of blue yarn, and while I enjoy the color blue, for some reason I don't like to weave with it. But I made myself, and I fell in love with this piece, so in love with this piece that right after I finished I began putting blue yarn back onto my loom. I just love the two shades of blue together and the movement of the yarn. This is one of those wonderful pieces that turns out way better than you planned.

I also just started playing with to edit my photos, and am really having fun with it. I also use picassa. Both are great free ways to edit your photos.

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