Monkey Mind Designs

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I saw some work by monkey mind on craftgawker the other day and was excited to check out their etsy shop. She does wonderful unique work. Here's a little bit about the owner of Monkey Mind Designs:

I left the advertising world as an Art Director and Graphic Designer to get back to my roots. I love design and making things by hand. Print has always been a passion of mine. Some ladies like to shop for purses... I like to shop for paper. It has been an incredible adventure creating my own studio and I am excited to pursue my new business. Everyday I am inspired by all the creative and talented Artisans on Etsy. I am proud to be part of this community.
I am originally from Santa Fe, New Mexico. Santa Fe has a rich cultural heritage and offers artistic diversity, which afforded me the opportunity to develop my own creative style.

Why Monkey Mind? Growing up, my sister told me I have monkey mind. Jumping from one thought to another without skipping a beat. Well it's true, creativity never sleeps. Enjoy!
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Juliette Samuel said...

You have some beautiful designs!

Monkey Mind Design said...

Thanks so much for the feature! Love it! You're too kind.

chopsticklady said...

Great designs.