Grandma's Cookies

Over Labor Day weekend, I was together with a lot of family. Lucky for us ladies, there are quiet a few men in the family that both enjoy cooking and are very good at it. My cousin, Josh, was making desserts for the day, and after trimming his homemade pie crust threw the scraps into the thrash. We couldn't believe he just threw out all of this good dough. So I walked over to the trash can, inspected what else was in there, and decided that since there are only boxes from the forks, spoons, and plates, that we had just opened I could take the dough out. My two younger cousins, 10 and 6 were thrilled. I taught them how to make cookies with the scrap pieces of dough. My grandmother had always made these with me, when I was younger. They are so easy, really good, and a great way to use scraps. Just put a little square of butter on the dough and then sprinkle cinnamon and sugar, roll up and place in the oven, until slightly brown. They are so yummy and a great project for little kids.
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