Wine bottle turned Tumbler

I first encounters these wonderful tumblers made from wine bottles while having lunch with some friends at The Green Room, located in Carlisle Pa. This restaurant is a great little find if you live in the area, or if your visiting. The food is made from local organic ingredients, and it tasted good too! To read more about the Green Room Bistro,

If you love the idea of reusing things as much as I do, you can get some great glasses and vases made out of wine bottles for yourself from this etsy seller . These glasses are another one of things that I"m tempted to try to make, but just haven't found the time. I have played around with making cheese trays out of wine bottles, and have really enjoyed that process.

So when buying new kitchen ware, or registering for wedding gifts, why not try to purchase some upcycled pieces like these wonderfully colorful tumblers.

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