DIY Couture

I opened my inbox the other morning and received this great email from etsy. I like to sew, but haven't really tried making clothes before. These instructions are great, and the skirt is pretty easy to make. I think once you get the hang of it, you could take this basic idea and make lots of fun little skirts. Enjoy.

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Interesting article about Craft and DIY craft on American Crafts Blog.  I fell in love with American Craft Magazine while studying Art Education at Messiah College. It was were I often went to when looking for some kind of inspiration to help me complete my assignments, that at times were a bit daunting. As the due date loomed over my head, my head that was empty and seemed to contain no ideas. However, while at times it was stressful, there was also something wonderful about living with a community of makers, and your day and night revolving around creating, and that was all that really mattered. One of my professors once told us , enjoy this time now, this time of extreme productivity, as there may never be a time in your life again where you create so much.  When she said that, I was hoping that she would be wrong, that the rest of my life would be filled with constant making. And while I do still create quiet a bit,  it has never been with the same free attitude as when I was in college. As now there are bills to be paid, a house to clean, and a job to attend to. While all of these things are wonderful gifts in their own right, there was something wonderful about spending day and night in the studio creating, with others all around experiencing the same joy. Pin It

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