Velo's room gets a makeover

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This is one room in our house that has been left undone. When we adopted our cat Velo, she needed her own room, until she got bigger and her and the dog could co-exist. While Velo has adopted this room as her own, since the door is now left open, it's time to get it decorated. Not sure how fast this process is going to happen, as I have so many other projects along with work going on right now, but at least it is progress.

I started by making a rug for the room. I"m not in love with, as this is the first time that I have crocheted fabric, and the piece didn't queit turn out to the shape that I wanted. So when time allows, I may redue the piece. But Velo was so excited while I was making it, that I just had to put it in her room. I"m not sure why she likes it so much, but she seems to love laying on it and rolling around.
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Almost Precious said...

Velo is so precious, just adorable.
Bet she loves the rug because it is plush and soft and to Velo it smells of you since it was handmade by you. Kittens tend to attach themselves to items that were worn by their "people pets". My daughter's cat loves to sleep on her bed pillow because, of course, that's where Wendi sleeps so it smells comfortingly like Wendi. :)

laurel said...

that's really cool! how much fabric did you use?

Aubree said...

Hello! love the idea of the rug! This would be just perfect in my home! Would you please send me a tutorial? or if you know where i can find one?
my email is

Hope to hear from you soon!!