You will find designs and jewelry pieces that touch the spirit of those with an appreciation for the lifestyle and old world adornments of the vintage eras. Influenced by my utmost respect for the brilliant and skilled craftmanship of vintage watch movements, master artisans of yesteryear hand created these intricate and facinating little worlds of synchronicity and artistic beauty. To be able to repurpose them and allow these mini landscapes of art find new life in today's times gives me tremendous pleasure.

Most of my designs feature the styles and manufacturers of fine watch pieces from the mid to late 1800's and into the early 1940's. I try most often to preserve the integrity of the focal movement and will only utilize pieces that can no longer serve their original purpose.


I work hard to ensure the visual integrity of the vintage pieces being used. For that reason, solder cannot be used when combining these metals, as high heat will discolor metals and degrade the physical properties of these minute mechanisms. Instead, an industrial bonding agent is used which is clear, incredibly durable, impact tolerant and will not adversely affect these antique timepieces. Although at times this may be visible in discrete portions of a particular piece, it is clear and presents a much lower visual profile than solder, creating a finished product that is both hand made and visually stunning.
I just love these clocks, and also enjoy when someone can take old junk, and turn it into something new and wonderful.
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Ok, I admit it ... I love to MOODLE!

Although not yet an official dictionary entry, to "MOODLE" is to do what makes you the happiest, when you want to do it. As a retired teacher of 34 years, I am happily doing all the art I had no time to do during my career.

My favorite materials include: enamel, wire, curiously unique found objects, insects, copper, brass, plaster, resin, fabric, FauxBone, beads, buttons, solder, paper, wire, and rubber toys.

My favorite artists are D J Pettitt, Richard Salley, Stephanie Lee, Susan Lenart-Kazmer, Jane Wynn, Deryn Mentock, Tory Brokenshire,& Linda & Opie Obrien.

While I still teach online (in my pajamas without starting my car!), I am able to happily pursue forms of art that have appealed to me for many years. Some of my other interests include quilting, purse-making, mixed & altered media, traveling to visit my three sons & grandchildren (who are scattered all over the world), community & art guild work, & of course, making art!


I am delighted to be a recent inductee into the juried artist group of the Yellow Breeches Chapter of the Pennsylvania Guild of Craftsmen. I am also a member of the Enamelist Society and of the following Etsy teams: Cabinet of Curiosities, Art Jewelry Collective and Mixed Media Art! Visit Cabinet's team profile page at:


Here's a link to an article I authored in Mixed Media Art, developed by artist Kerin Gale: Pin It

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