Sparky Jones

I have fallen in love with Sparky Jones, , for oh so many reasons. I love, love, love these belts, and they are insprinig me to some experimenting with the fabric in my studio, as well as a little handwoven fabric as well. You'll have to wait and see what happens. To visit her shop, click here
I also love that this shop is working hard to be environmentally friendly! Here are some of my favorite pieces and info about the artist.
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Unfortunatley little jj has a serious case of what is commonly known as crazy mutt way back in the day, she shopped around for a nice hat

...................and nothing!!!!
so it became her mission to produce the most perfectly imperfect cutiest little hat there ever was, and make it to the big league to actually show people what a cool hat was!!
And so the journey of Sparky Jones began :::
5 years in the making, JJ had to learn to sew, get tough and make many a mistake that would drive her to complete insanity and profanity. However this is how Sparky Jones came to fruition
Not only did jj desire a funk-i-ma-fied hat, she craved a handbag that simply put......wasn’t boring!!! The more that went into designing these one off creations, the more thought went into the actual product-like........
+ why do we need all this imported fabric when there is already so much cool stuff actually out there?

+ why don’t we use grandmas techniques anymore?

+ why as consumers, do we need to always take the cheapest, fastest option even tho it probably won’t last, adds to globalization and probably supported some unethical offshore sweatshop?
And so the Sparky Jones standard became set in stone:
Reuse resources + Recycled what you have + Reduce Impact + Refuse to be disposable

So jj now puts on her funk-i-ma-fied hat, goes to work (walks from the bedroom to the studio-how green is that!!!) sews like crazy, and has sleepless creative nights, but is completely happy that Sparky Jones her sparky alter ego helped her to achieve much goodness!!!!

To follow the adventures of Sparky Jones, have a look into:
Every effort is made to reduce footprint by:
+ sourcing most goods locally

+ using and reusing every little scrap of fabric or waste product and turning them into something of use

+ One tiny bag of waste from my sweatshop is thrown out every month - everything else is recycled!!!

+ uses all upcycled materials,organic fabrics tries to limit the use of modern interfacing.

+ Hangtags are printed on recycled cardstock by greenprintersonline-a Vancouver based company that uses and promotes sustainable printing

+ Fabric labels are silkscreened on organic cotton with an environmentally friendly-waterbased ink by local printer zinkink

+ All fabrics are washed /preshrunk in bio detergent and bio bounce sheets/sunshine dryed

+ Nelly -my olive green retro cruiser with a basket to allow me to courier my packages to the local PO.(weather permitting!!) Pin It

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