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How to Wear a Scarf

Do you love scarves, but have trouble knowing what to do with them? Or maybe you have a friend who says they wish that they could wear scarves, but they don’t know how to style them. Then this post is for you!
I”m not only a scarf designer, I’m also an avid scarf wearer. I add a scarf to my outfit almost everyday. Through designing and wearing scarves I spend a lot of time thinking about ways to wear to them. Ways that  look good, are easy to do, and make your scarf stay in place if you’re wearing it all day at work. I”m an art teacher, and I love wearing scarves, but I don’t want my scarf to end up in someone’s project, nor do I want to have to keep rearranging it all day. If you’re a designer, a business coach, a public speaker, or magazine editor you know what I mean. You want to look good, but that scarf needs to stay put!

If you find that you’re active in your day job, and really need  the ends of your scarf to stay in place, I highly recommend that you check out the braided collection. These scarves are designed to both look awesome, and stay exactly where you put them. The extra long braid is perfect to tie your scarf in place, and be on the go all day long. 

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52 Skein Challenge

Everyone is born with the ability and desire to create. Through culture, education, and busy schedules most leave the act of making behind. By allowing ourselves some time each week to play, to daydream, to create, we come closer to discovering ourselves. The 52 skein project is here to help unlock creativity and form connections through making. This year challenge yourself to use 52 skeins ( any size) of yarn. 

Crochet, Knit, felt, embroider, weave, or warp your kids up with it. Create and share your creations.

Each month on my blog I"ll share a collection of what people are making. Tweet your progress and use #52skeins, or tag me on facebook @fabricatedends.

Need some inspiration check out my collection of knit, crochet, textile, and embroidery inspiration.

Here are some fun places to look into if you're looking for some new yarn.

1: The Mannings: Located in East Berlin PA
2. The Yarn Garden: Located in Carlisle, PA
3. Patons: I use patons classic wool when I want to do felting
4. Space Cadet Creations: She has an awesome group that you can join where yarn shows up in your mailbox each month!

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2013 Creative Reading List

I seem to go in phases of how much time I spend reading. I do love to read, it just doesn't always fit into my schedule. However, there are a few books that are on my reading list for this year, that I"m sure to make time for. I let you know what I finish them, and what I thought.

What's on reading list?

1. Stitch Magic by Alison Reid.

2. To Sell is Human: Daneil Pink

3. May Cause Mircales: Gabrielle Bernstein

4. Boundaries in the Mind: Hartmann

5. Out of Our Minds: Ken Robinson

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Krochet Kids International

Each morning, each day that we start we have the choice to put love into the world. To make the world a better more beautiful place, or to do the exact opposite. It's important to look closely at your words, you actions, your heart, and examine if you are making the world a better place each day.

There are lots of ways to put loving kindness into the world, and I"m truly inspired by the work that Krochet Kids International is doing. I made the choice to choose a charity each month, and that charity will receive 10% of the proceeds from my business. Pretty cool right? Last month we hooked up with Kiva loans, and for the month of Jan and Feb I've decided to connect with Krochet Kids International. Check them out!

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Be Who You Are: Goals 2013

I debated as to weather I was going to make my 2013 goals public or not, and decided to go for it. It's always good to have others keep you accountable. As I complete the goals throughout the year I'll keep you updated.

Make $60,000 from my business: That means a few things. I need to produce more scarves, which I'm hoping to do by getting the knitting machine up and running. I want to offer more workshops both online and in person. I'm also planning to do some new shows this year, and start selling wholesale.

Make a difference in the world through my work: I want my work to have a positive impact on the world and people's lives. The first thing that I've done is started to give money each month to different charity. You can see the list of charities that I'm working with my clicking on the charity tab above. If you know of a charity that you think would be a good match, let me know. I'm also hoping to develop a mentorship program for teens.

Share my knowledge of creativity and Education: My passion for creativity and education pours into everything that I do. This year I want to share my knowledge and experience. with others through writing and speaking on the topic.

Be who I was made to be: This may sound like an odd goal. However, I feel that there are a lot of us out there, who aren't being true to who or what we were meant to be. I feel that I"m on the right track, but also believe that there are times that fear and expectations hold me back.

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Crochet Blanket Party

If you ask me there is nothing better than curling up in blanket on a cold winter day. Over Christmas my family headed to West Virginia to stay in a cabin for a few days. It was wonderful to be surrounded with falling snow and a warm fire.

However, we don't have a fire place at our house, so I have to make do with lots of blankets. I created this one for a friend, and had a lot of fun playing with changing colors, stitches, and the weight of the yarn. I used double crochet, shell stitch, and bubble stitch to create the piece. In case you want to try your hand at crocheting a blanket this year, I gathered some inspiration for you below, some come complete with directions.

source: http://www.creativejewishmom.com/2012/11/crocheted-starburst-baby-blanket.html

Source: purlbee.com via Amber on Pinterest

source: http://www.purlbee.com/the-purl-bee/2012/4/26/whits-knits-four-corners-baby-blanket.html

source: http://dottieangel.blogspot.com/

Source: etsy.com via Deanna on Pinterest

source: http://www.etsy.com/listing/97109850/crochet-pattern-baby-blanket?ref=sr_gallery_37&ga_langid_override=-1&ga_search_query=crochet+baby+blanket+pattern&ga_view_type=gallery&ga_ship_to=US&ga_search_type=all

source: http://design-milk.com/morse-code-blankets-by-holly-berry/

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Crochet with Wild Abandon: Free Form Crochet

If you know just the basic single and double crochet stitches, this class is for you!  Also open to more advanced students who would like to throw the rule book out the window and explore.
The concept of free form crochet takes the basic stitches that you know, bands them together, and makes an amazing work of art.  Once you feel confident with this technique, the pieces that you can create become limitless.  You don’t need to be skilled at crochet, just have a basic understanding of single and double crochet stitches.  Amber will guide you through a creative process that throws patterns and counting stitches out the window. Learn to crochet with wild abandon!

Supply List:  A crochet hook in the size of your choice (it doesn’t really matter, so choose your favorite!), 2-3 skeins of yarn in the colors and weights of your choice.

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Finding time to Rest

I hope that everyone had a wonderful Christmas and was able to spend time with family and friends. I always enjoy this time of year. As a teacher it's a much needed break from work. My husband and I were able to spend time with both of our families.

Sometimes I feel guilty about not being the studio 24/7 over the holiday break, but I have to remind myself that it's also important to make time for friends, family, and rest. So for the last two days, I put the phone and computer away, I stepped away from the loom, put down the crochet hook, and instead, picked up a book, and spent time with family. However, I didn't leave the camera behind. I don't cook, so I try to be the person that takes photos and documents the time with family and friends.

As you continue to spend time with friends and family over the holidays and throughout the year, please remember to be present. 

To learn more about the food, stop by my husbands blog: http://solefoodie.blogspot.com Pin It