How to Wear a Scarf

Do you love scarves, but have trouble knowing what to do with them? Or maybe you have a friend who says they wish that they could wear scarves, but they don’t know how to style them. Then this post is for you!
I”m not only a scarf designer, I’m also an avid scarf wearer. I add a scarf to my outfit almost everyday. Through designing and wearing scarves I spend a lot of time thinking about ways to wear to them. Ways that  look good, are easy to do, and make your scarf stay in place if you’re wearing it all day at work. I”m an art teacher, and I love wearing scarves, but I don’t want my scarf to end up in someone’s project, nor do I want to have to keep rearranging it all day. If you’re a designer, a business coach, a public speaker, or magazine editor you know what I mean. You want to look good, but that scarf needs to stay put!

If you find that you’re active in your day job, and really need  the ends of your scarf to stay in place, I highly recommend that you check out the braided collection. These scarves are designed to both look awesome, and stay exactly where you put them. The extra long braid is perfect to tie your scarf in place, and be on the go all day long. 

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