52 Skein Challenge

Everyone is born with the ability and desire to create. Through culture, education, and busy schedules most leave the act of making behind. By allowing ourselves some time each week to play, to daydream, to create, we come closer to discovering ourselves. The 52 skein project is here to help unlock creativity and form connections through making. This year challenge yourself to use 52 skeins ( any size) of yarn. 

Crochet, Knit, felt, embroider, weave, or warp your kids up with it. Create and share your creations.

Each month on my blog I"ll share a collection of what people are making. Tweet your progress and use #52skeins, or tag me on facebook @fabricatedends.

Need some inspiration check out my collection of knit, crochet, textile, and embroidery inspiration.

Here are some fun places to look into if you're looking for some new yarn.

1: The Mannings: Located in East Berlin PA
2. The Yarn Garden: Located in Carlisle, PA
3. Patons: I use patons classic wool when I want to do felting
4. Space Cadet Creations: She has an awesome group that you can join where yarn shows up in your mailbox each month!

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