The Creative Process

After seeing my work, people often ask me about my process, so today I'm going to take you for a tour in my creative mind.

This scarf was a special design, the customer gave me the following information:
- wanted a long and thick braid
- lots of fabric
- wanted it to look, urban and raw

First thing that I often do , is head to pinterest, to collect images that inspire me. Here's what I collected while working on this piece.

After gathering inspiration , it was time to get to work. Weaving the scarf is always the first step. I wanted there to be color in this piece, but I also wanted to stick with colors that reminded me of the word raw. After it came off of the loom, I add more gold to each end, to increase the thickness of the braid.

I"m a lover of texture and so was my client, so I decided that I was going to let loose on this piece and do a lot of different techniques. I did free form crochet along one edge of the scarf, which created a nice delicate, lace look to this edgy piece.

Next I used thick yarn, and made french knots on the white section of the scarf to add a pop of color and texture. At this point I knew that the piece was almost finished, but it still needed something else, so I headed back to the bead store, and picked up these awesome skull beads. I added a few of the skull beads to the fringe in each end, and it was done. What a fun piece to create, and even more fun to hear from the client once she received this special creation.

I would love to hear about your creative process. Tell your story in the comment section below. 

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