Perfact Packages for the Holidays

One thing that everyone loves, is getting a cool package in the mail. Even when I know what's inside of the box laying on my doorstep, I still get super excited to open it. 

A group of scarves are traveling to LA to  be gifted to some Celebs for the holidays. I was challenged to come up with some really fun packaging that would make them stand out amongst all of the other things that they are given during this time of the year. Nothing was coming to me, so I asked my friends.  Katherine, ( my students think that her and I are sisters) started throwing ideas out there. She is great to brainstorm, as she is a wonderfully creative person herself, but she also isn't afraid to just say things, and see where the ideas lead.

At one point she mentioned clear cylinders, I knew I wanted something along those lines. Now the challenge was to go and find them. Much to my surprise the second store that I walked into , these were the first thing that I saw. I bought everyone they had.

Next  was to make labels. I made a sticker label to place on the top of the can. Next I wrote my story, as to how I began making scarves. I made sure that it was short and fit onto a half sheet of paper, added a photo and placed it so that it was facing out, and is easy to see.

I then went back and forth , over and over, trying to decide if I wanted to wrap the scarves in fabric and place them in the container, or simply place them into the container so that you could see there colors. I decided on wrapping them, and making it more of a surprise. So you read the story, and then get excited to see what the scarves look like.

My challenge to you, make your packages this year just as much fun as the gift inside. For ideas, check out my pinterest board of package inspiration.

Share your package ideas with me, snap a photo and send it an email: , or tag me on twitter @amberkane1314

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