Why you have to let go of Limits

I've been thinking about limits a lot lately, more specifially the limits that we place our ourselves, on our dreams.

Thinking about what I could be if I let go of limits.

As a young child my vision for myself, was to be a teacher. That's a wonderful vision, and I"m thankful that I had such a clear focused goal growing up. There are a lot of people that never know what they want to be when they grow up.

Well here's the thing, I'm grown up , I'm a teacher, and I"m pretty sure that I'm meant to do more. I'm sure that I've started to enter into the world of so many others, of not being exactly sure where I'm going, this is brand new terrority for me. Really I can't think of time when I didn't know that I wanted to teach.

Now my heart is pushing me to go bigger, stretch farther, reach higher. I still want to teach, I love sharing my ideas, and helping people to see their talents, however I've found that I have more goals.

As I worked on Paula, I spent a lot of time wondering where I"m going to go, and at the same time having to accept that I have no idea, and that is okay.

Paula was inspired by Starry Night by Picasso, what better person to demonstrate pouring your heart and soul into something, having no idea where it is leading, but doing what you were meant to do.

I'm learning that most of the time, we limit ourselves by having only one dream, or by believing that dreams must remain dreams. 

Don't hold back, don't limit yourself. 

What is holding you back? What is one step that you will take today to be closer to living your dream?

I just looked at this postcard from a show that I'm in, and the featured image by Catherine Kleeman went so well with this piece!

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