DIY: Discharge Dye

Step one: Choose the piece of fabric that you want to work with. I wove my piece with cotton yarn, but you could also do this with a purchased piece of fabric.

You should test the dischage paste on a scarp of the fabric first to be sure you like how it works. Depending on the dyes of the fabric the discharge paste will work differently, sometimes creating white, or shades of yellow.

You can apply the paste by stamping it on or painting it. I decided to pait it on. It's very easy to control, and washes out of brushes easily. Make sure that you are using a clean paint brush, as you don't want any paint to get mixed in with the dischage paste.

As the paste soaks in , your fabric will begin to look wet. It works best if you wait for it to dry completely before ironing it.

The first time I tried this , Iwas impatient and ironed before it was dry, while it still worked, it caused the discharge paste to blead into other areas.

It does take awhile to dry, so I recommend setting up a time to put your dischage paste on several pieces, then walking away and working on another project.

The final step is the iron the piece on the steam setting. You will need to make temperature adjustments based on the type of fabric that you are using. The longer you iron it, the more the color of the fabric changes. I found that it took about 10 minutes to iron the piece so that it became totally white.

Thus far, I have left the areas white. This weekend I"M going to play with adding a new color over the discharge dye. If it goes well, I"ll share that with you next week.

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