Why you need to put Love into Everything that you do

I recently completed a well hanging for Om My Yoga in Mechanicsburg. These images are section of the piece. To see it completed, you'll just have to take a yoga class!

While working on the piece I asked Rachel, the owner, to share her vision about the studio with me. Here's what she said:

As far as my vision, I don't want to sound totally cheesy, but...
I have always imagined om my yoga to be an oasis in the midst of our area, and in a bigger picture, in our society. I like the idea that in the midst of the often-stressful, over-polluted, always rushing here-to-there carlisle pike there is this tucked in gem where people can come and feel different. They can connect with me, with each other, and most importantly, with themselves. 

Some people love pilates, some people love yoga. (I personally believe that it's ALL yoga...pilates just doesn't delve as deeply into the emotional/spiritual/mental aspects. So my master plan is to use both modalities for the physical, but to create a space for people to grow...which is all quite yogic.) 

When I first opened in June, 2011, I wanted to take the intimidation and mysticism out of yoga, so everyone felt welcome and not afraid to come try. That will continue to be important, but as the client base has grown, I feel I can introduce more spirituality, more sanskrit, more mantras, more history--but all in a non-pushy, non religious way. My classes have already evolved this way. A year ago, it was all english, all instrumental or chill-earthy music. Now, at times, I'll teach about the sutras, the gita, the vedas...mantras, sanskrit, God....all spiced into classes. I am trying to help people grow from a purely physical practice to a lifestyle of spiritual and mental wellness. 

The studio expansion falls into this evolution perfectly. People are ready for more, and people feel safe at om. They know nothing will be pushed down their throats, but they seem ready to learn...more complex poses and more deep good stuff. :) The art and the slightly more meditative, world-vibe of the new space will fit into this perfectly. A huge concept in yoga is dharma. 

The idea of dharma is found found in India's ancient texts, and it is that there is a divinely instituted natural order of things...a duty for everyone, and when we each DO our dharma...or that which is our role, what we were born to do...then the universe comes into order. Everyone is happy, healthy and full. :) So often, instead of asking ourselves, "what is my dharma? What is my role, or duty in this world?" We get pressured into doing what we think we have to do based on what friends/societal norms/families/money-wants TELL us to do.

(All this does have a point). I feel that artists...true artist who love what they do and see it as a calling--are living their dharma. So artists, whether they realize it or not, are following a HUGE yogic and legal and religious mandate. To me, that makes the idea of a yoga studio with some special pieces made by people who love what they do, who do it with passion and certainty that they were meant to create, a way better choice than to decorate with mass-produced pieces from a factory. 

My life motto is "whatever you do, put love in." 

So I'm excited to decorate the new space with as many pieces of work that OTHERS have put THEIR love into, while living their dharma. Then I can do MY calling, which is to teach, in a space that is already full of this vibe. 

Are you putting Love into everything that you do?

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