Fall into Fine Craft Booth Display

Every show  I do, I seem to change my display. I'm always trying to determine, what is easy to set up, and what shows off the work the best. 

Two weeks ago I made the investment in pipe and drape. I purchased the Pipe from Drape Kings. They were super helpful and making sure that I got everything that I needed for the display. I purchased the curtains from amazon, as they were a lot cheaper than buying actual drape. 

I"m very happy with the new purchase. The pipe and drape gives more set up options, and I the height is great.  I know have walls that are 8' high.

Right now I don't have a cross beam for lights, so I have a track light that goes in each corner, and zip tie it to the corner. 

I make sure to put the scarves with the brightest colors on the side front corner, as that it was people see first when they are walking by. The color helps to catch their eye and draw them into the booth. 

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