Why we should all Pursue our Dreams

I often have movies playing while I'm working on my studio. And while working on Liz I watched a movie about Martin Luther King. ( not to lead you astray, they aren't always educational)

I couldn't help but be inspired, amazed and moved to tears. Martin Luther King Jr believed that a change had to happen, and he didn't sit back and wait for someone else to make it happen, he put it all on the line , dove in head first, and stood up for exactly what he believed in. 

Watching the movie made me think about what is my dream? Do I want anything so strongly that I would risk my life to make it happen?

Here's my dream:

I dream of a world where we get along. Where humans take the time to get to know one another and understand eachother. Where we accept, embrace , and celebrate that we are different, and our differences are what make the world such a wonderful place.

I dream of a school system where our students feel safe, are excited to go, and were they find inspiration. I dream of a school where all of the teachers and parents work together for the common good of our children.

I dream of a place were creativity is celebrated, where it  is embraced as being a part of all of us, not something that just a few hold. I dream of a school that encourages creativity . A school that teaches the students that the opporunities in life are endless if you are willing to dream, and put your dreams into action.

I dream of a world where we celebrate one anothers successes.

Name: Liz

material: Cotton and tencel yarn, metal, and leather

plain weave
long braid on one end, completed with a wire wrapped tassel

One end with grey leather fringe

One edge of scarf crocheted in an elegant shell crochet

One scarf that equals my dream: Uncommon things coming together plus some creativity = something beautiful, that continues to spread beauty and joy to each person that touches it.

What steps can you take today to start to make your dreams come true? Please share in the comments section, we help to encouage eachother on the journey.

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