Why is Art Important?

Why Art is Important?

I posed this question to my students, along with asking them to ask their friends and family and record their answers. Here is a sampling of the responses.

It invokes emotion that a person may want to feel at a certain time or is otherwise not able to feel. (17 yrs)

Creative thought allows man to progress with new ideas. Art provides beauty and enjoyment to life. Crafts offer a creative outlet. (adult)

Art manifests the soul and human spirit into something tangible. ( 16 yrs)

Creative thought helps you to solve problems ( 15yrs)

It’s important because if people weren’t creative, the world would be the same (17yrs)

Crafts build skills, and art and creativity allow us to move forward in the world ( 49yrs)

It is important because all of the jobs out there involve some type of artistic thing. You need creativity for individuality. (10yrs)

I think art is very important. You can’t possibly go through a day without art. Your clothes, books, pictures, tv, movies, and so many others are present in everyday life. Life would be extremely boring without art. (15yrs)

Art is an amazing source of inspiration and is very important to help define different cultures and provide insight into other people’s minds. (15yrs)

When you look at a picture and analyze it, it helps you to think. ( adult)

Why do you think Art is IMPORTANT?

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