Bronwyn: Take the next step

Bronwyn is the sister to Kelly Ann. While all of my scarves are one of a kind, Bronwyn is the very first of this design. Here's the down and dirty version of how I made her. 

-She's woven in plain weave
- has a super fun braided section at one end ( done in a french braid style)
- two sections along the edge of crochet
- has a leather fringe ( this is my favorite part)


I've been thinking about this quote a lot lately. How do we decide if it's time to walk away or try harder? Sometimes walking away is giving up, however there are also times when it means growth.

As  I worked on Bronwyn and approached what at first seemed to be the end of her, something didn't feel right. It seemed that it wasn't time to walk away from her ( that would have been the easy part) I needed to push farther, I needed to do something new, something a bit uncomfortable. Uncomfortable simply because I hadn't done it before, I wasn't sure if it was going to work. 

But I did it anyway, because the call to do so, was louder than the call to walk away. 

I was thrilled that I took the step and added the leather, I loved how it looked, this step opened the door to another world of design options!

So with Bronwyn , had I walked away, she still would have been a good scarf, no one would know what they were missing. Well no one except for me, there would still be that nagging voice inside telling me to try. 

When deciding if you should try harder or walk away, stop, listen, pray. There will be an answer, maybe not the one that you want to hear. Then be willing to listen to the answer and take the step in whatever direction it is calling you, this is not always easy, but it is always necessary. 

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