Karil: What do you want to be?

Growing up when people ask you what you wanted to be, what did you say?

When you ask an elementary student what they want to be , they are full of wonderful dreams. They believe that the sky is really the limit.

Ask a high school student what they want to be. The answers are dramatically different.

- I don't know

- I want to be _______ but you can't make money doing that so I"m going to be ___________

- I want to be  ________________ beause it pays well

Ask an adult what they want to be , many don't even have an aswer any more. The ability to dream and believe that those dreams can come true dies quickly as we age.

My childhood answer: I want to be a teacher

My high school answer: I want to be an art teacher and a student council Adivors ( I have now taught high school art and been student council advisor for 5 years)

My adult answer: I am what I first dreamed of and now I am dreaming bigger, higher. Trying to be exactly what I was meant to be. I think that my first dreams were great, but God has bigger plans. Our dreams can and should change as we mature, but they should not disappear. They should not become swallowed by logic and money.

How do you know what you were meant to be?

1. What do you daydream about? ( if you don't daydream you need to start)

2. What activity or thing makes time cease to exist? ( when I am in the studio, weaving and creating scarves I forget about the clock, I just create and love every single minute)

3. What do you spend all of your free time doing? ( My time consists of making art, teaching art, or reading about making and teaching art)

If you're not living a life full of childhood dreams you need to rethink how you're living your life.

What did you always want to be?

Weaving, designing scarves is one of my dreams. When you adopt when of my textiles you holding a dream in your hands.

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