The Necklace: On Sharing

Before I left for vacation I wandered into the local library to pick up a few books. I didn't have any particular titles in mind, and so the browsing began. The Necklace, grabbed my attention. 

It's an easy read, doesn't require a ton of focus, so was great for the airplane flight. 13 women purchase a diamond necklace that individually they couldn't afford on their own, and thus begins a journey or sharing, growing, and friendship. The women's lives are changed, not because of the necklace itself, but because of what the necklace represents, SHARING.

" Ownership is overrated. We should elevate sharing. Wealth is individual; sharing is collective. We are not what we own. We are what we do, who we help, and the difference we make in the world. By sharing, we've gotten so much more. If we share there's enough on the planet for everyone."

A few things that really resonated with me throughout the story.

1. One amazing accessory impacted the women's lives by making them feel more confident, but also by allowing them to share something wonderful with others. This is what I want for my scarves. I want them to bring confidence, but also when someone else stops and says, 

" I love your scarf" , take it off, let them try it on, trade with friends.

2. It made me start to think about creating a rent a scarf program. I would design some really fun amazing pieces, and then loan them. So you could rent a great scarf for a day, a week, or a month, have fun owning a piece that perhaps you couldn't purchase for yourself. 

What do you think about this idea?

3. The story wonderfully demonstrated and expressed many of my ideas behind the traveling Scarf project. I started the project so that women could experience the fun of wearing one of my pieces.

We should remember the lesson that we spend so much time teaching our children, it's good to share. The memories of sharing will far outlast the object itself.

Do you have a great story of sharing? I would love to hear it.

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