First Day of School: Teacher/ Artist Balance

When you were younger did your mom always insist on taking a photo of you on your first day of school? Of course you had to have your backpack on to make sure that it was easy to recognize the photo as the first day of school. Looking back on those photos, as well as my school photos makes me laugh. 

For the most part, I enjoyed going to school, and was excited for the first day. Now that I go back as the teacher my excitement has changed. I do get excited to see the students, and my teacher friends. But I also am aware that it's time to start the crazy balancing act of teacher and artist, which is not always a simple act. 

My mind seems to always think that there are 72 hours in a day instead of 24, and I never get all of my ideas finished. ( which I"m learning is okay)

However, it is a challenge to put myself fully into both, without getting totally exhausted. 

 Today is my first day of school. I woke up to my alarm at 5:00 am refreshed, and ready to get out of bed. I wondered to myself, how many days until the alarm goes off and I find myself exhausted. How many days until I beg for just a few minutes of sleep? That's the hardest part for me, I try to do so much, and I get so tired.

How do you stay energized?

How do you balance your life?

Enjoy what you see? 

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