Marita: Experience the Magical Scarf

Scarf name: Marita

Dedicated to: My husband, Dan Kane, who does lots of work around the house allowing me time to create!

How She was created:

She is woven in plain weave, with sections of tapestry

One end of her has a long braid, to add a fun texture to the piece

She has a few fun sections of crochet to add some more color and texture to the piece

I was having so much fun making her, that it was actually hard to see that she was finished. I just never wanted her to complete. 


Magic, floated through the room as Marita came to life, it was thick, but still light; I could feel it, but not quiet hold it. The magic lifted me, it moved my hands , it took over, as Marita unfolded before my eyes. She kept transforming from what I first imagined her to be, getting better, becoming stronger, surging onward to become that magic blanket that you could drape over your shoulders and wear everyday. 

"She made my hands dance across her"

We continued, she made my hands dance across her, she made the studio magical. And then she was done....

A soft sadness came over me, until I realized the wonderful thing that my muse and I created. We created a magical scarf... a magical scarf for a wonderful women to wear everyday, to put on , on the good days and the bad, to wrap it around her and feel wonderful. The perfect scarf to save the worst of outfits. 

Miss Muse and I created MAGIC!

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