To do list: Learning to let go

From april 2012

I'm feeling heavy, overwhelmed
Overwhelmed with what I"m not sure
Making a poor attempt to keep things in perspective
understanding that fear is pointless

Knowing that we must try, 
do our best, and trust
Trust in God
Trust Ourselves
Trust Life
And then, just let go

Why do I hold on so tight
Why filter
Why wear the mask

Just be True
Just be Free
Just be You

We are far more than we realize, and far more than we allow ourselves to be

We get stuck in the routine
stuck in negativity
Stuck in fear of the unknown

But if we were to just release
really let go
We could fly

Our minds have the ability to solve great problems if we let them work instead of busying them with the nothingness of what we call life

There are a lot of us that aren't really living
We shy away from the fullness of life

From april 2012

Our days should be about letting go instead of holding on

Days should be measured by how much love and joy we brought into the world and not by how many mediocre tasks we crossed off of our list

Instead of listing 
pay bills
do laundry
answer email


-compliment someone
-do something unexpected
-be kind
-stop, stand still, look, really see what is around you
-be thankful for the smallest and biggest things
-learn something new
- trust
- be happy and celebrate the success of those around you
From april 2012

The List Book

A studio project born out of our love of making lists and getting ourselves organised. The idea had been around for a long time and in several different guises before we managed to bring it to life. It’s broken down into 4 time-based list styles from the immediate — To Remember, to our equivalent of a bucket list — To Do: Someday. We used an open bind so that the book would open nice and flat and stay open while you work. It’s finished with a wipe clean dust jacket with foil-blocked pen and highlighter.

This one made me laugh, as I'm pretty sure there are a lot of people out there including myself, that add things to the list that they've already done, so that they can cross them off.

From april 2012
I hope that everyone adds at least one fun important and new thing to their list today!
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