The history of Scarves

- The Scarf began in Rome, where it was used as a way to keep clean. The scarf was called a "sudarium" which literally means sweat cloth.

  • Another early use for scarves was military distinction. The Terra Cotta Warriors demonstrated that their rank could be determined by hairstyle, and scarves.
  • Scarves began to become more of a fashion statement in the 1800s. They were traditionally silk scarves with elaborate patterns. 

I really love to doodle, so I scanned some of my drawings into the computer and began to play. I used to play with the design and color, and then got it printed onto silk fabric. I"m working on making them into scarves. 

  • As scarves become more popular they began making them from fabrics other than silk to make them more affordable. One of the popular scarves was rayon.
  • Scarves moved up in popularity as a common accessory for both men and women as the 20th century wore on. As we’ve seen with past History of the Trend posts, scarf fabricpattern, and stylewere indicative of current economic and social conditions. Scarves produced during WWII were muted in color to reflect moods and conserve resources, while scarves of the ’60s were brightly colored and floral-patterned. The coffee table book Scarves provides a colorful visual history of these evolutions.

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