A Scarf named Rae: Be who you are

As many of you know my husband was in the hospital last week. It was far more than either one of us had anticipated, and it made my creating and weaving come to a screetching stop. However, the moment that my husband came back home I wanted, needed to create. I promptly finished the scarf that was on the loom and was hungry to create more, but didn't feel like dressing the loom. I remember that there were three textile pieces that I wove months ago and then never finished. Suddenly these scarves strung to life and were ready to be finished. I was amused, as it is rare that I just let pieces layering around unfinished for that long. It was as though these scarves knew that a time would come where I would need them, and now was that time. 

With great exciement I began working or should I say playing. Trying new things, with little concern of how things were working.I just needed to create. Rae wanted a fun pop of color, she wanted to be joyful, and so off we went. Add a splash of bright pink. Creating Rae was a wonderful exhale after unknowing holding breath for the last four days. There is so much that goes on in our minds and bodies that we are unaware of. I worked to play close attention to acknowledge and understand what my body went though not knowing what was happening to my husband. I express my emotions through creating, and so that's what I did. I was joyful that he was home. I also became acutely aware that many people are caring really heavy hard loads, and they are carrying them alone, with no support around them. I understood the blessing of the family and friends in my life that were praying, and that were ready to do whatever was needed. 

And more than ever I wanted my work to bring other joy. I want my work to make others feel good, feel beautiful . How much better is your day when you feel confident in yourself. Each scarf that I create is full of confidence they are not complete until they their voice is heard. And they are hear to give you confidence. To show you what it looks like to not compromise, to not worry about failure, not think about what others will say, just to be you. 


Scarf Stats:

Rea is woven on a 36" Leclerc Loom
- woven with cotton yarn, plain weave, the golden yarn that shimmers is Tencel yarn from the Mannings
- draw string sewn into each end for fun detail and so that you can turn her into a cowl
- wooden bead one each end along with an orange tassel and brass piece of metal 
- 14" x 76"
- very light weight

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