Ryan: The Scarf that made me light

I purchase most of my yarn from the Mannings and work with Cotton yarns. When looking for yarn to weave with you need to be sure that it is extremely strong. Yarn that is used as warp ( the threads that run vertically through a textile) are under a lot of tension during the weaving process. If your yarn is not strong enough the threads will start breaking while you are weaving. One way that I test my yarn is to try to break myself. If I can rip a piece of yarn , it's not strong enough to be part of the warp. 

" Artists don't get down to work until the pain of working is exceeded by the pain of not working." Stephen DeStaebler

From april 2012

The last two weeks have been a back and forth pull. I have both wanted to work in the studio, and wanted nothing to do with the studio. However I keep ending up back creating. Lately while I've been making it's been hard, really hard. I'm tired, I"m unsettled, but the scarves just don't seem to care. They want to be made, and they want everything that I have to be put into them. The challenge is that many days I don't feel like I have much to give. But I keep working anyway, because I don't seem to have a choice. 

From april 2012

While the scarves have demanded that I work on them, they have been kind. They have worked well, they have been bright, light, and refreshing. When a piece is complete, really complete their is moment of true lightness, it does not last long, as the next piece brings it's load, but that short moment is wonderful. Ryan made me really happy, I loved how she came out, I loved her colors and the mixed textures. Ryan made me for a moment actually really want to create more, she gave me a taste, I taste just big enough to continue to push me forward. 

" Imagination is in control when you begin making an object. The artwork's potential is never higher than in that magic moment when the first brushstroke is applied, the first chord struck."  David Bayles and Ted Orland, Art Spoken
From april 2012
From april 2012
From april 2012

From april 2012

The last two pieces that I"ve made have incorporated chain. I made the chain myself using gold jump rings. I didn't feel like counting, so I just stared putting the rings together, and adjust the length of the chain once it was attached the scarf. A basic jump ring chain is pretty easy to create if you're looking for a simple jewelry project. 

What you need:

- jump rings, you can choose the size and type of metal depending on what you want your finished product to look like. I purchased a bag of 250 gold coated jump rings, which was more than enough

- two pairs of flat nose pliers ( they make it a lot easier to open and close the rings)

- clasp

The proper way to open jump rings is to hold the ring in with two pairs of pliers. Turn one side of the ring forwards and the other backwards. This makes it easy to close the ring, after added your next ring. 

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