Return to Childhood

From april 2012

I was really excited to weave Nina. She was light weight, super soft, and really bright. She seemed to have everything that I needed in my life. The physical weight of life can be really heavy and hard to carry. As I worked on Nina I couldn't miss how drawn I was to extreme lightness. I wove her with what is basically thread, super super thin. It of course takes forever to weave with, but it was beyond worth it. I took Nina off of the loom, draped her on my dress form, and as I entered reality , realized that I was standing there running my hands over her smiling. I was in bliss.

I thought that she was done, but she called me back, and asked for more. We then sat down together and crocheted her edges and she brought to me more calmness , and with each stitch took away more of my burden. What a gift. I often find that the repetitive nature of weaving and crocheting extremely calming. A perfect rhythm takes place in my body, and I get lost.
From april 2012

as I took Nina off of the loom, I found that I kept running my hands over her soft surface and I caught myself smiling, it was like a dream.
From april 2012

Picasso said, " Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up." Nina made me feel like a child again. She reminded me of when I went shopping with my grandmother and my need to touch everything to see just how soft it was. She reminded me how calming running my hands over a smooth soft surface is.

We are born as creative beings, with a wonderful imagination and the ability to lose ourselves, along with the lack of a sensor allowing us to touch everything that looks soft, not wondering if it's  "ok". The CLPFC ( are of our brain that censors our thoughts and actions) is the last part of brain to develop, which is why we tend to be much more creative and open as children. If we wish to hold onto this wonderful ability we need to be willing to do the following:
- risk embarrassment
-ask crazy questions
-be around others who don't understand what we are talking about
- let go the idea of being safe
-let go of everything
- stray from the familiar... get out of your space

From april 2012
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I hope that Nina will make her new owner feel special, feel loved, and will help them to get lost in their own perfect world.
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