The Einstein Factor and having new Ideas

I'm currently reading a book called " The Einstein Factor" and over the next few weeks will share some of the things that I learned and found interesting from the book. I will also talk about how some of the concepts in this book can be used in the classroom. Today I'm going to share with you some of my notes from the book, and will get into more detail, and my take on what I'm reading next week. I highly recommend reading this book. The premise of the book is that no one is just born a genius, but we all have the ability to become one... just few of us actually do. The book then provides examples and excerises to practice to help turn yourself into a genius.

- a genius is not born, it is made. The more that we learn, the more connections are created
- To become like Einstein we need to pay attention to our daydreams, studies show that humans spend at the minimum 58% of their lives either daydreaming or actually dreaming

-" Invention is not the product of logical thought, even though the final product is tied to a logical structure." Einstein

I liked this idea, so often we throw ideas out because when they first come to mind they don't make any sense. But really nothing makes sense in the beginning when it's new. So don't be so quick to throw out your ideas, be willing to work with them and see where they take you. 

-" Whatever you reinforce you shall get more of."

I think about this a lot while I"m working on my own work, and while I'm teaching. The more you practice something the better you get at it. That includes coming up with ideas and being creative. The more time you spend experimenting, thinking, trying new things, the more ideas you will have. 

- 1% of the population regularly writes out their thoughts, experiences, and perceptions, this same 1% become the top achievers

I took this one to heart and started writing everything down this year. I'm on my 4th notebook already. I don't know if I'm a whole lot smarter, but I will say that I remember a lot more. Any idea I have a write it down. Let's face it ideas don't always come at the most convenient of times, this way I can go back when I have time and see what I was thinking about. I call my notebooks Everything books. I literally use them for everything, to do lists, ideas, sketches, appointments, collections of images, everything goes in the same book. 

- Having the courage to be different is a cornerstone to high intellect

This is key, and something that is never taught and or addressed in school. It's okay, and even good to be different. 

Here's a video of a group of people that aren't afraid to be different. 

-Forget what you know, pay attention to what you perceive

- At age 4 Children begin to learn to set their mind to a lower level of curiosity

This right here broke my heart and has me determined to work to change this. Our level of curiosity should never drop. Hang onto it with all you have. Ask questions, try new things, explore. 


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