Traveling Scarf Project

The traveling Scarf Project is brand new, and I wanted to take some time to explain the project with all of you.  Here's how the fun works: Each person gets to hang out and enjoy the scarf for one day, take a picture of themselves wearing the scarf, and then pass the scarf along to the next lucky person. There are currently 4 scarves that have been sent out to start their journey.

Nina was dropped in the mail last night and is on her way to Philly, to meet the lovely Karen Gregory. She will then travel with Karen to San Francisco. 

This one will soon be on its' way to Belize with Rachel Wilson, owner of Om My Yoga

This traveler is heading to James from BleuBird Vintage

Here are the two lovely ladies that have worn this scarf and sent me photos thus far.

This piece has been traveling for a few weeks, and right now I am told that she is in Lititz, PA.

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