The Traveling Scarf Project

From april 2012

I started to play more with color blocking and tapestry techniques in my weaving, and as I worked Dawn, she started to remind me of the work of Piet Mondrian. I've always enjoyed Mondrians work. there is something soothing about the strong clean leans, and gentle rhythm that his work creates.

Dawn was a joy to work with. We took one section at a time, and she kindly kept sharing what she wanted me to try next. The fun with Dawn was the experimentation and the freedom in the process. Together Dawn and I approached her more as a painting and less as a scarf.
There really is wonderful freedom in experimentation, in letting go. In admitting that you aren't in control, that you don't know what is going to happen, and just allowing it to happen. Dawn reminded me that I've always wanted to live with that same kind of freedom. The freedom of living moment by moment, the freedom of trying new things, and being okay with failing, but finding joy in the process of process of trying. We never learn, and never move forward if we don't give ourselves the freedom to experiment.

As Dawn brought freedom into my studio, she seemed to be the perfect scarf to start the Traveling Scarf Program. I create for several reasons.

1. is that creating brings me life and joy, it's a part of me
2. because I want to bring beauty, joy, and lightness into the world

I want everyone to have the experience of a wearing a one of a kind, handmade scarf, that was created with pure love and joy. And so I've deceided to start the Traveling Scarf Program. Here's how it works. I will pass Dawn onto someone that I know. They get to wear Dawn for one day, take a photo of them wearing the scarf, and then pass the joy along, to the next person of their choosing.

So each person gets to wear and enjoy Dawn for one day, they then have the privledge of passing this lovely scarf along to another person to wear for a day. I'm asking that everyone share the photos on facebook and tag fabricatedends, and or email me the photo I can't wait to see where Dawn travels.
From april 2012

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