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From loopoftheloom.com

I really love the color, texture and movement of this piece, It looks like it was done by doing a tapestry technique with a variety of fibers.


Daintytime Quilts

Daintytime Quilts

You can see more amazing quilts and read about the artist here. I can't get enough of these quilts. I would love to have one in every room of my house, and I'm normally not really into quilts. I can't image the time that it must take to cut out all of these little pieces of fabric and fit them back together. Any quilters out there that have tried their hand at free form quilting?


Doug and Gene Meyer pillows

I can't ever have enough pillows. They are great for decoration and comfort. They also keep our dog from jumping on the furniture. We use them as barriors. My dream is to have a pillow pit in my house. Nothing would be better than coming home from work, jumping into a pile of pillows and watching a movie, don't you agree?

Source: etsy.com via Amber on Pinterest

Fabric Brooch Beads Polka Dot Cloth Pafu XXXIV by iwantmyhobo, $22.00

Jo Fitsell, detail of quilt using layered marbling technique. See more amazing work by Jo Fitsell here
From e1.interweave.com

Artist’s Statement

I view my artwork as a path to the deepest parts of myself. It reflects my internal thoughts, emotions and ideas.
My early pieces were rooted in the landscapes of my childhood. They explored the importance of place and the ways it is expressed in the stance or temperament a child takes on early in life. My current work reflects my spiritual connection with beauty and the deep love I experience when alone in nature.
My goal is to express the invisible by making it tactile, translating what I sense into pieces that can be felt as well as seen. I gain satisfaction when my work resonates with an internal humming or rhythm and allows me to gain insight and come to an understanding about what it is I am creating.

Source: n-tarco.com via Amber on Pinterest

Check out this great bag by Tarco. I love all of the colors and the wonderful texture.

from: clothandkind.blogspot.com

This throw used to be sold at Anthropologie, however from what I can tell they no longer carry it.



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