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Michelle is woven on a loom using plain weave, cotton yarn and aluminum tubing. I like the idea of playing with mixing elements of a scarf along with a necklace and or jewelry.

I've recently become interested in macrame, and started playing with the idea of using it to add another fun design and texture on one end of the scarf. So far I've only used a pretty basic knotting technique, but I"m excited to see where this journey takes me.

Here are some pretty cool macrame pieces:

Source unknown: if this is yours please let me know so that I can give you credit

You can find some great macrame patterns and instrucstion here:

Now for Michelle's story:

I"ve really been working to experiment and try new techniques in my weaving lately, and have been thinking about my textiles more like they are paitings. I also work really hard to not waste any materials. In weaving there always tends to be at least some yarn that isn't used in the process, which I save, hopeing that at some point I"ll think of something to do with it.

My matierlas are really precious to me, making it important to honor them and use them wisely. I started using some of the left over yarn in Michelle.  She has blues lines throughout her body, which were placed with a tapestry technique, as I laid pieces into the design and then continued weaving.

Michelle was a wonderfully kind and encouraging scarf to work with. She continued to whisper that she wanted me to try new things with her. That if we worked together we could come up with a fun new design. As I came to the end of her I knew that she was asking for me. So I decided to play with metal. I sat and calmly cut the metal tubing into small pieces, I normally don't like cutting the metal, but today is was somehow soothing.

Then together Michelle and I played, and come up with this fun knotted pattern on one end. Michelle reminded me that we never grow and never learn new things if we aren't willing try. We must push ourselves, we must be willing to fail, if we want to move forward.


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