A Scarf Named Melissa and Color Blocking

From april 2012
Color blocking is all the rage right now, and I"m having so much fun playing with color in my designs. I know that a lot of people find color to be a bit daunting and aren't sure what colors to put together. So here's a mini lesson on color theory to hopefully help you break into the wonderfu world of color.

You can start by working with complimentary colors, they are found opposite eachother on the color wheel. So purple + yellow, blue + orange, red + green, and so on.

From april 2012

Analogous colors are any three colors that are right next to eachother on the color wheel.

From april 2012
Melissa's story: ( I do a lot of free writing, and this is what I wrote after making Melissa, she really did make me feel like time no longer existed nor mattered. It was an amazing moment)

The days get longer
The light stays shorter

And they're all too long and
too short

Each day with it's exact amout of moments

The number of moments that no one knows and no one likes

We all want more while at the same time asking for less

Lost in total confusion as the moments scatter and go their own way

As the perfect moment floats
just out of grasp
making us believe that their aren't enough

Making us think that we just missed our perfect chance

Out of the corner of our eye we see time

See time melting
We become afraid that it will sweep us away
thinking that we must have time if we wish to exist

But with time gone we are able to see the moment
see the perfection in no time

And with this we begin to melt
melt into nothing and everything

From april 2012

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