The Mistake that became a Scarf named Jessie

From spring 2 scarves 2012

The idea of Jessie has been in the works for quiet some time. Jessie is handwoven, as a large square. I'd wanted to work on pieces like this as I really love triangle scarves, but for some reason hadn't gotten around to it. This weekend I started playing with making throw blankets on the loom. There was an akward amount of yarn left on the loom, that I realized I could turn into a scarf, and so Jessie was born.
From spring 2 scarves 2012

I was pretty excited to work with Jessie, and as she emerged some of the mistakes that I had made earlier in the day began to make sense. All along Jessie was trying to get me to make her, I just wasn't being a very good listener, and so she faught to come out, and let me tell you she faught  hard to get my attention, and I"m sorry that it look me so long. And as Jessie came to life, my stresses, and feelings of failure from ealier in the day were washed away. Jessie brought forgiviness, and understanding into my life.

So often in the exact moment that things are going wrong, we get so mad, that things aren't going away, and put so much energy into our anger, that we miss the lesson. Or we miss the opportunity to take that mistake and turn into something wonderful . Jessie pulled me out of my angery, and brought back into a place of acceptance and peace. Jessie reminded me that almost all of my scarf designs first began because I made mistake, but I worked through the mistake and something great emereged.

I challenge you that in any area of your life, when you make a mistake, or when something doesn't go your way, take Jessie's advice, don't focus on the mistake, instead look at the mistake with love and kindness. Look at with the understanding that you can learn something new.

From spring 2 scarves 2012

As I was putting the finishing touches on Jessie, I tried her on, and melted under her soft warmth. I am so thankful for the lessons that she taught me, and the lovinging kindness that I felt as I wrapped her around my shoulders.

I hope that Jessie brings, love, kindness, and clarity into the life of her new owner.

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