A handwoven scarf named Jenna: and How she saved the Artist

From spring 2 scarves 2012
From spring 2 scarves 2012
From spring 2 scarves 2012

Jenna is another member of the magnetic collection. I love making these because there are so many different ways that can be worn, and I love the idea that several of them can be connected to create another scarf.

This weekend in the studio was hard. I was a bit stressed, there were a lot of things not working as planned, and began to question, why am I doing this. Why am I creating? Sometimes it seems like it would be easier not to make art. And in one sense that is true. However, for me, not making art would be killing a part of myself, so it's not an easy choice.

Often people think that being an artist is galmorous, and there is an element of glamour in being able to create beautiful things, but there is also a lot energy,and a ton of emotion that goes into creating. Each scarf that I worked with this weekend, helped me process through my decision to give them life. And helped me to understand what would be missing, if I stopped.

For me, the challenging part of being an artist, is the exposure. The exposure of my soul. The scarves don't mess around, they get right down to the heart of things, what matters, what doesn't and they ask me to walk around each day totally open, totally exposed, which at times I felt was an unfair request. However, Jenna taught me something this weekend. While it seems dangerous, and scary to live life fully open, the truth is, I'm not alone, and while it will hurt sometimes, there are people all around me that love me and will help me through it. Jenna also reminded me of why I love wearing scarves so much. I love it because I feel that they are giving me a hug all day long, and because why they ask me to be fully exposed, they kindly and gently cover up my neck and my heart, protecting them throughout the day.

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