A Scarf named Samantha

From spring scarves 2012

I was extremely unsure of how Samantha was going to turn out. First of all I went to the store to buy pink yarn, totally forgot, and come home with orange. It appeared that Samantha had a much different plan than I did. But I decided to go with it and see what would happen.

I'm learning to completely let go of control, not only in weaving, but also in my life. I think that a lot of times we put far too much pressure on ourselves, and try to take to much credit for what takes place in our lives. My scarves are only partly made by me, they are also created by the matieral, by the people in my life, and by God. It's a group effort, and whenever I try to ignore the rest of the "group" things don't go well.

It's not easy to let go of control, it's not easy to admit that I"m not fully in charge of my life and where I"m going. However I am in charge of my attitude, my response to the world around me, and my choice to be open to change, and new experiences, or to stay closed and "safe" in the environment that I know.

Samantha was a good reminder, that life changes, it evolves, and wonderful things will happen if we take the time to be aware, and if we are willing to let go of control.

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