Welcome to the World, Friday

From winter line 2012

Scarf Stats:
Name: Friday
Started: 1/29
Finished 1/29
Time it took to create: I watched Dog Hotel, and The Lamp
Matierals: Cotton and Metal

Friday was one of the most soft spoken and cooperative pieces that I've worked on lately. She knew what she wanted to be from the start, and calmly worked with me to make that vision a reality. Friday got her name from the first movie that I was watching while making her, Dog Hotel. I don't pay close attention to most of the movies, I just like to have some background noise, but there was an adorable dog named "Friday" in the movie, and it seemed fitting for this piece. By the time it gets to Friday, I usually don't feel like putting a lot of thought into my outift. I'm more than happy to pull on a pair of jeans, a comfy shirt, and throw on a scarf. This scarf is the perfect addition to any casual outfit, to dress it up, with no effort.

Since this piece didn't have a lot to say while I was working, the next piece began to talk to me and explain what colors she wanted to be. Stayed tuned for her story, she's still in progress.

Friday is hoping to be adopted soon, she is ready to dress you up, keep you warm, and make you the most stylish person in the room. Pin It

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