A typical day

I thought that I would take the time today to give you sneak peek into what a day looks like for me.

5:04: My alarm goes off, I normally hit the snooze two times. I like hitting the snooze because it gives me a little extra time to dream. During this time I usally able to dream, but also remember them really well. Why 5:04, no good reason other than I don't like to do things in incriments of 5.

I then feed the cat, and make myself and egg and coffee for breakfast, spend about 20 minutes on the computer, doing email, posting on the blog, and browsing facebook. Time to get dressed for the day, and if I have a few minutes to spare I try to take a photo of my outfit, but this doesn't always happen.

I try to be out the door and on my way to work by 6:30am. Once I'm at work I teach high school art all day. This semester I'm teaching darkroom photography ( which I love) and jewelry. Each day in the classroom brings new adventures, challenges, and laughter into my life.

I"m done teaching at 3:00, and head home. Once I"m home I spend a little bit more time on the computer doing email, and facebook. I then head up to the studio for about an hour before I go to Yoga at Om My Yoga. After yoga, I try to sneak into the studio for a little bit more time. It normally doesn't end up being more than an hour.

I then crawl into bed with my husband and our dog, watch about 20 minutes of a movie while I crochet and then fall asleep.

From winter line 2012

The bulk of my studio time comes on the weekends. On Saturday and Sunday if possible I spend almost the whole day in the studio, as I normally don't get much accomplished throughout the week.

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