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Ardenas and Flora

Dressing the loom takes a lot of time, so I normally put enough yarn on to weave two scarves. I normally have a plan for what the first scarf is going to look like, but have to wait for the second to speak to me.

Meet Arendas and Flora. One of my favorite things about having two scarves that start out exactly the same is seeing how they change and develop their own personality through the process. Ardenas, as the first of the two to be created. She was requested, and so she knew what colors she wanted to be and that she wanted to have metal. At times making scarves upon request can be difficult, because the scarf does not always decide that it wants to be but the person requested. However Arendas like the plan, and kindly worked with me the through the process. There was something very lucious about creating her. I think that it was a combination of the softness of yarn along with the bright color. It was almost like I could taste the sweetness of the scarf while creating her.

It was up to the yarn and myself to decide what Flora was going to look like. The irrediscent cone of golden yarn seemed to be calling my name once again. As soon as I saw the bright pink and golden threads mixing together  I knew that it was the right choice. These scarves were so wonderful bright and playful, I could feel them bringing a smile to my face while I was creating them. What amazing healing powers color has.

From the start it was clear that Flora was going to be a very femine scarf. We went back and forth several times about how she wanted to be finished. I had first planned on using metal like I did in her sister, but Flora refused. She didn't want to be like her sister, and she wanted to excentuate her softness. And so we decided on creating a beaded tube with the knifty knitter. It worked perfectly as I put the finishing touches on her and draped on the manniqun, she simply glowed.

Little did I now ( I think that Flora might have) that an hour later she would be adopted. I love seeing the people that adopt each scarf. Know it or not, I believe that the scarves talk to their owners too, that they call out to them and ask them to take them home. I believe this, because the scarves and their owners are so wonderfully matched in both style and personality.

So keep listening to see which scarf talks to you.
From spring scarves 2012
From spring scarves 2012
From spring scarves 2012

I revamped my packaging this year, so here's a sneak peak of some the extras that you get. I purchased old sewing patterns to use as tissue paper. It such a simple thing, but I love how it looks. For me it completes the package.
From spring scarves 2012

I have piles and piles of handmade paper from when I was in college. I've always been saving it to use for something special. And decided that that something special is these scarves and the people that take them home. So each scarf comes with a package of handmade paper note cards, and evenlopes made from old books. The hope is that the scarf will whisper some kind words, or words of encouragement into your ear. And then you will take a few minutes to write some words of affirmation to someone in your life.
From spring scarves 2012
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