Handwoven Wearable Art Scarf Named Perspective

From spring scarves 2012

Scarf Stats:
Name: Perspective
Started: 2/10/2012
Finished: 2/10/2012
Watched: Country Strong
Broken Hill

Materials: cotton and wool blend yarn, beads
Process: handwoven, and knitted with knifty knitter

From spring scarves 2012

Perspective and I seemed to get our lines crossed in the beginning. I thought that I was making an orange scarf, and next thing that I knew, there was a blue cone of yarn in my hand, and orange was no one where in the design. But I went with it,sometimes the scarf knows best. And Perspective was right on. I had so much fun making this piece. She was named perspective because of how the different colors interact with one another. One of my favorite things about weaving in a checkered pattern is seeing how much a color can changed when it is placed up against another. It made me think how much our understanding of what is going on around us can change if we simply look at it from a different view point. Or if we change our perspective
From spring scarves 2012

Perspective was made extra long because I wanted to bring a touch an of old design back into this piece. I used to create what I called Flair scarves. And I wanted to bring a touch of that design into this piece. So Perspective has a little ruffle around one edge to add some sophisticated style. 

A Message from Perspective: 

From spring scarves 2012
From spring scarves 2012
From spring scarves 2012
You can visist and adopt perspective at Om My Yoga Pin It

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