Finding and Following your Creative Passion

According to Thomas Armstrong an ideal learning environment has the following qualities: freedom of choice, open-ended exploration, freedom from judgment, honoring of everyone’s experience, and belief in every student’s genius.

While Armstrong is discussing the classroom environment, the above can be applied to all areas of our lives. If you want to continue to learn and grow creatively, you need to create an environment for yourself that fosters learning. Allow yourself time to experiment and explore. So often we put too much pressure on ourselves for “it” to come out right. Let yourself make mistakes and learn from fixing the mistakes.

Almost every one of my hand woven scarf designs was developed because of a mistake that I needed to solve.

Don’t judge yourself and don’t think about the judgment of others. There will always be some people that love your work and some that hate it. Focus on being true to yourself. Don’t get mad because someone’s career is taking off and yours isn’t. It’s not your time. Honor and appreciate those that are doing well and take the time to enjoy where you are, and the journey that you are on. Look back and where you started and remind yourself of how far you have come.

Hold the belief that you have the ability to be a genius, but for this to happen, you need to know and listen to yourself. You need to practice a lot. And you need to make mistakes. If you never make a mistake you’re not pushing hard enough. You’re playing it too safe.

And through it all, remember to follow your passion. You will be amazed at where you can go if you truly follow what you made to do.

Can you see the passion of the artist in these creations? I can.

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