Find the Magic

When I was student teaching my cooperating teacher told me to try to bring a bit of magic into each lesson. I had never thought of art as being magical before, and thought that this was such a wonderful and joyful way of looking at it. It's a piece of advice that I still remember almost 6 years later.

Working as an artist is hard. Creating begs the maker to give all of the time and energy to the act of creating,  but that is not enough, it also asks the maker to fully expose their soul, with total honesty to the world, and still be strong enough to continue on when the world is critical of their work.

I used to hold back in my work, only give bits and pieces of myself, my work became "my work", when I let go of fears, embraced the magic, and allowed my work to openly and honestly expose who I am.

How did I do this? I took some of the pressure off of myself, by acknowledging and accepting that I am not the only one responsible for the end result. There is something magical that takes place during the creation of each piece, and that magic only happens when I'm present, when the materials choose to speak, and when God brings peace to my soul. Without all three being present, nothing "good" happens.

Me + Materials voice+ God = my work

Let go! Let go of your fears of what others will think of your work. There will always be some people that love it, and some that hate it. Let go of your ego, and allow the magic and the muse to take some credit and some blame for the finished the piece. Let go of perfections, you are not perfect, but the magic can make your work perfect.

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