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I rarely by groupons, but I randomly purchased one a few months ago, for one month of classes at Om My Yoga. As I walked into the studio, I had no idea what to expect. I had done a few yoga and pilates videos at home, but that was my extent of experience. However, I quickly fell in love. I loved the movement and exercise, it both challenged by body and calmed and quieted my mind ( which is no easy task, when you're talking about someone who talks to scarves 24/7).

I enjoyed every class that I took, and apprecaited the knowledge and skill that each instructor demonstrated. The instructors strive to get to know each one of their students, and work with you to make the class work for you. It is a refreshing experience to be with a group of people that are doing what they love.

So now Om my Yoga and FabricatedEnds are joining forces, and my scarves will now be on sale at the studio. Hopefully the scarves aren't too chatty while people are practicing yoga, but they do get excited to go to a new home.

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 A Little bit about Rachel Wilson, Owner of Om My Yoga

Hello! I'm the founder of om my yoga, and for a lot of your classes, I'll be your guide. So I suppose I should tell a little about myself! There was a time in my life that I was running really fast, without feeling quite certain about where I wanted to end up. I decided to race to career land, receiving my B.A. in marketing and beginning law school. When life forced me to slow down, I took some time to stop and actually think about what I truly wanted to do. Considering my life-long love of sports and fitness, I decided that just maybe, I could find great fulfillment by taking my passions and making a career out of them.

Six months later, I began personal training and teaching yoga, and the real journey began. I am an ACE certified Personal-trainer, holding RPM and Zumba certifications and pilates training on both mat and apparatus. In Yoga, my true love, I am an E-RYT with over 7 years of teaching experience.
I am a senior master trainer for YogaFit, the largest teacher training company in the world. (that's my second job, besides working and teaching here at om my yoga. Actually...it's my 3rd job, because I'm also a mom of two little cuties....but that's a whole other topic that we can talk about some other time.)
I'm a marathoner, a triathlete, a lover of music and dance, an adventurous traveler, a total daredevil, and a tender and sensitive spirit. The moving meditation of vinyasa yoga has been liberating and healing on so many levels for me, and I am full of passion to share this incredible gift with others.

I love to help people achieve a good workout, a relaxing break, some time that is all about them, a change in their body or a change in their attitude. I firmly believe that there is NO ONE that could not benefit greatly from adding a yoga and/or pilates practice to their lives. Men, women, young people, "mature" (yea, you know what I mean) people, athletes, overweight folks (yes, you can!), stressed ones, and busy ones...they can all gain alot from this type of training, and I think I can help them to realize that. Some beautiful teacher-trainer students of mine said this in their recent class promotion, and I just love it...."You don't come to yoga because you are flexible, balanced and strong. You come to yoga to become flexible, balanced and strong. In other words, come as you are." I hope I can help guide you into an even more wonderful version of what you bring to the mat each time in the door.
Well I've told you a bit of my story....Please come in to om my yoga. Share a practice with me, and tell me a bit of yours! I can't wait to meet you....Namaste!


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