My two weeks of Hybernation

Christmas break is one of my favorite times. I am lucky enough to get about two weeks off from work. My days are simple, but filled with everything that I love. I wake up because I've had enough sleep, and not because my alarm is going off, have my breakfast, and head to the studio. Most days I don't bother getting dressed, it seems like a waste of time, so I"ll be in the studio all day. I emerge from the studio for meals with my husband, to refill my mug with coffee, hot tea, or hot chocolate, and say hello to the dog. Our cat squeezes herself behind me on my chair, and stays nuzzeled there as I weave. When my body needs a break from weaving, I wonder downstairs to the living room, light some candles and curl up to read. I used to read all of the time, but lately the only reading I do is for grad school. So it's refreshing to sit and just read because I want to. These days are perfect, making them very hard to say goodbye to, but always giving me something to look forward to.

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