I was walking to the library the other day, and looked down at the bright colored scarf that I was wearing. I appreciated the scarf for the extra warmth that it was providing for me, as well as the wonderful pop of color that it brought to my outfit. It was keeping me warm, andmaking me feel good about my outfit. As I was enjoying my scarf I remembered when I was a little girl how much I hated scarves. I had totally forgotten about this fact until now. It made me smile as I recalled how much I truely hated scarves and could not understand there purpose. I was sure that they could not keep you warm. So I started thinking about how did I go from the little girl who hated scarves, to the women who designs them, makes them, and wears one almost everyday. I came to the conclusion that I first fell in love weaving, which led me to my love for scarves, and my understanding that they do really keep you warm.

While I was reflecting on how I got to where I am today, I also remembered two bits of advice that I was given by two different teachers. I can't say that the advice meant a lot to me at the moment that it was given, but I think about it a lot now. The first was during a critque or my work, one of the professors looked at my work, and pointed out that there was a grundy, not perfect, feel my work. She recommended that I stop fighting that and begin to find a way to embrace that in my work. I didn't really know what that meant or how to do it at the time. But I know realize that I really fell in love with weaving when I stopped trying to make everything "perfect" and began really embracing the process, and embracing my personality, which is free. The other teacher told me to never make art just because you think that it will sell. There are moments when I catch myself thinking about what scarf design I should make because I can make it quickly and I know that it will sell. But when I make a piece just because I know that it will sell, I find no joy in making or selling the piece. I create because one I enjoy the process, and two because I believe that I making a unique high quality piece that is going to make someone feel beautiful, make someone feel good about themselves as they walk down the street or walk into the office. That is why I create, money is a nice addition, but just creating for the money is no fun at all.

So all this to say, that it's good to look back and remember where you started and how you got to where you are. And follow your passion, don't fall into creating just because you know that it will sell. Create because it makes you and your customer feel good. Pin It

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