Get Your Creative Juices Flowing

Source: via Amber on Pinterest

I'm here to tell you today to stop making excuses about not being creative, and just start creating. The act of creating, and being creative go in hand in hand. I myself am not very creative when I"m not actively making. The ideas stop flowing, when I clog up the stream with thoughts about not being good enough, being too busy, or just not having a good idea. But the second that I decide that even if all of that is true, and create anyway, the ideas come faster than I can ever make them.

I have learned not to wait until  I am inspired, or until I have the perfect idea to begin creating. The best creative ideas come in the process of creating. So stop waiting for the perfect idea, and get started, that perfect idea often comes in the midst of perfectly bad one. Pin It


TichTach said...

You are so very right!

I just found your blog and I'm looking forward following your work and thoughts.

Best wishes

fabricatedends said...

Thanks Tina