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I am continuing to work through my 12 goals, to complete by 2012. One of the goals was to organzie my studio. I really should have taken before and after photos so that you could understand how much work it took to get it organized, but I didn't. I would like to crochet or weave a rug to add to the space, but that may have to wait until 2012.

Here are my 12 goals.

1. finish my maters thesis on creativity studies

- I have my first chapter written and ready to turn in, I"ll share some on a later post

2. submit my work to two magazines

3. buy a used dresser for my studio and organize the space

4. create submission piece of Somethings Looming Show

5. meet with felting artist and get advice

6. Make 4 more scarves with metal

7. Create woven design that works like a bow tie

8. get image of Dan and I for our 5 yr anniversary

9. design and launch line of scarf pins

10. Develop an ornament design

11. become invovled/ more informed about Art Education Policy

12. Get my work sold in a new Gallery

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It feels really good to have a clean studio, I'm just hoping that I can keep it this way. Most of the items in my studio are second hand, which I like. I like the space to be cozy, and to feel like home. I purchased my loom from an art teacher, who had only used it once. I was thrilled to get such a great piece. My tables are made from old doors that were in my house.
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I made the plaster bowl hanging in the corner. I needed something to store the rolls of paper that I use when I am dressing the loom. I use the paper a lot so I wanted it to be pretty easy to access, otherwise I knew that I would end up not putting it away. So I hung the bowl from the ceiling, and it works perfectly.
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I bought the triangle table by the loom at a yard sale. It works pretty well in the studio because it is small and easy to move around. I like having beside the loom, to sit weaving supplies on while I'm working. I also normally move my laptop over by the loom when I"m working, so that I can have movies playing.

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I use one wall to hang work that I am working on. These pieces are in progress, and I"m not totally sure where I'm going with them. So I hang them up , so that I can look at them and think about them while I'm working on other pieces. I rarely only work on one thing at a time.

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