Wandering Thoughts

Over the last few months I've been journaling about my creative process, when I started I wondered what I would really learn from writing down what I do and what I'm thinking while creatong, I figured that I already knew myself, and understoood how I worked, but I've learned a lot. a lot that maybe deep down I already knew but had yet to acknowledge.

I've learned that it takes a lot of work, I mean a lot of time, energy, and down and dirty work to be an artist, it takes every part of your , every thought, every breath, it takes your soul. it takes your willingness, to look deep down, then bring those feelings out, produce them, give life to them, and then allow others to either embrace them with open arms or stomp all of over them. And either way you have to keep on going, keep on producing because once you have opened that door, once you've gotten a taste of the freedom, a taste of real true beautful, ugly wonderful life, you just have to keep going. If you stop you fall apart, you can't stop.

It takes courage and curiosity, you have to be willing to think, yes I said think. I've learned from teaching that thinking, really thinking, solving a problem isn't something that most people are a big fan of. But if you want to create something, really create something you have to be curious, and not only curious, you have to be willing to let that curiousity flow, you have to let it run wild, you have to ask the questions and then spend the hours, or days, or weeks, finding the answer, knowing that you may never find the answer, you may hate the answer that you find, or you may make an amazing discover, but no matter what , you have to go on the journey.

It takes time, a lot of time, a lot of time that I don't really have, but I do it any way. I think about making art all the time when I'm not making it. The ideas float in my head, and then they start to bounce and finally they pound and scream, until I give them attention. In all my free time, even if i'm not physcially creating, I'm making something in my mind, my mind is wondering what would happen if, I"m going through the process in my head, thinking.. thinking... questioning, solving, answering.... pounding.. pounding... pounding, I have to answer, I have to create, I have to. Pin It

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